The Importance of Quadratic Equations

No matter what level of Maths you are doing in secondary school you will need to be able to solve Quadratic Equations…

The handiest way is generally to factorise the quadratic, let each bracket equal 0 and solve for x.

There are cases however when this method will NOT work…and we have to use the quadratic formula (the – b formula).

This formula is in our Formula and Tables book so you don’t have to learn it….but most people will do so much factorising that they won’t need the tables (the formula is written neatly INSIDE the book on page 20 but it is actually scribbled on the cover too!).

I’ve uploaded 3 separate packs of Quadratic Equation worksheets and worked solutions so check the Updates folder for those.

1. Quadratic Equations (by Factorising)
2. Quadratic Equations (by Formula)
3. Quadratic Equations (Mixed).

Link in the bio if you want to access the ever growing archive of JCHL, LCOL and LCHL resources.

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