Trig Identities

So here is the solution to the Trig Identities question I posted yesterday. I’d imagine this question was a surprise to many who sat the paper but shows the importance of seeing as many types of question as possible.

A reminders that subscribers can find the following LCHL Trigonometry content in the folders.

1. Trigonometry Revision Sheet
2. Trigonometric Proofs Pack
3. Trigonometric Functions – Real World Context
4. Trigonometric Functions and Graphs – No Real World Context
5. Trigonometry – Equations and Identities
6. Trigonometry – Solving Triangles

and in the Trigonometry EXTRA folder…
7. Trigonometry – Identities and Equations EXTRA
8. Trigonometry – Sectors and Arcs
9. Trigonometry – Solving Triangles EXTRA
10. Trigonometry – Trigonometric Equations

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