Using Algebra in Probability

Using Algebra in Probability

The following question is from the Probability with Algebra pack. 10 questions where Algebra was needed to solve a Probability question. This was asked on last years paper and Algebra mixed with Probability has become an ever more popular type of question…appearing in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022!

Algebra in Probability

The other addition to the site is a 70+ slide pack of Probability – Concepts and Skills questions and worked solutions.
This contains ALL the short probability questions asked from the 2010 NCAA paper to the 2022 Paper 2 exam…great for practising the basics in probability. These questions can also be found on some of the probability sub topic packs (see below) but handy to collect them all in one place also.

All the probability for the LCHL can be found on the website by navigating to:

? LCHL Resources by Topic
? Probability LCHL
and then clicking on…
? Probability – Revision Sheet
? Probability – Concepts and Skills
? Probability – Arrangements, Combinations and Bernoulli
? Probability – with Algebra
? Probability – Expected Value
? Probability – Set Theory
? Probability – z scores
? Probability – Definitions and Formulae

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