What Does AI Say About Rote Learning?

Fascinated with ChatGPT all week, though unsure whether it is going to be a useful tool to help with (cheat on your) homework….or whether it is the beginning of the end of human civilisation…
Anyway I asked it to come up with a short blurb on the benefits of rote learning your times tables!!
Here is what I got back…
Rote learning is a method of memorization that involves repeating information over and over until it is committed to memory. This method has been used for centuries to help people memorize important information, such as multiplication tables. Here are some of the benefits of rote learning your multiplication tables:
Improved math skills: Memorizing your multiplication tables helps improve your overall math skills. This is because multiplication is a fundamental building block of many mathematical operations, and having a strong foundation in multiplication helps you better understand and perform more advanced math concepts.
Faster problem-solving: Knowing your multiplication tables allows you to solve math problems more quickly and efficiently. This is because you can quickly recall the answers to multiplication facts without having to stop and calculate them. This can be especially useful in timed math tests, where speed is often a key factor.
Increased confidence: Rote learning your multiplication tables can help boost your confidence in your math abilities. This is because knowing your multiplication facts well can give you a sense of mastery and control over a subject that may have previously seemed daunting or difficult.
Better memory: Rote learning helps improve your overall memory by strengthening the connections between neurons in your brain. This can have a positive effect on your ability to remember other information as well, not just multiplication facts.
In conclusion, rote learning your multiplication tables has many benefits, including improved math skills, faster problem-solving, increased confidence, and better memory. Whether you are a student preparing for a math test or an adult looking to improve your mental math skills, rote learning your multiplication tables can be a valuable investment of your time.
Link below to try it out for yourself…

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